Hard Cover Approved Arizona Notary Public Journal


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Arizonanotarybond.com  has a brand new journal that simplifies the way notaries make journal entries. After much input, thought and research, we came up with an innovative design that takes the guess-work out of some of the more complicated journal entries. Many notaries have indicated that they are confused about how to log a credible witness into the journal. This new journal has separate entries for credible witness(es), so you do not have to worry about whether you logged it correctly or not. Some of the features of this new journal include:
  • Hard bound, durable construction
  • Detailed entries for credible witness(es)
  • Sewn-in construction for maximum security
  • Individually numbered entries
  • Room for 400 individual entries
  • Heavy stock pages to prevent bleed-through
  • Individual entries contained on one page
  • Meets or exceeds requirements for all states

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