Renew an Existing Arizona Notary Public Commission Start Page

Are you going to be a New Notary Public or a Renewing Notary Public in Arizona

Our Website will guide you through the process of Renewing an Arizona Notary Commission

Summary of Notary renewal application process;

  1. Answer some basic questions about yourself
  2. Obtain a $5,000.00 Notary Public Bond
  3. Complete and Submit an Online Application with the Secretary of State’s Website
  4. Submit your bond, application form and your filing fees to the Secretary of State’s office. Please make a your check payable to “Arizona Secretary Of State”. Mail the original documents to; 1700 W. Washington, 7th Floor Attn: Notary Department Phoenix, Arizona 85007
  5. Receive Secretary of State Certification
  6. Email us a copy of the certificate so we can ship your Notary Stamp and Log Journal
The standard processing time for Notary applications takes 3-4 weeks with the Secretary of States office. If requested, you may expedite the filing process, which reduces the filing time to 24-48 hours. The filing time is established from the date the Secretary of State’s office receives the application, not based on the mailing date. This filing time is purely for processing the application, not for processing and mailing out your commission certificate. Once you receive your Notary Certificate you will need to email us a copy of it at We will ship your supplies to you within 24-48 hours after receiving your certificate. The supplies will come Priority Mail which is usually 1-2 business days and we will also provide you with a tracking # for the shipment.
IMPORTANT: you will need to have access to a printer to print your Notary public application and bond information forms. We will generate a PDF of the files you need to print. You may save them and print them from another computer if necessary.